John…would be very, very impressed.

Britten - Phot provided by Hamish Lamont

Hi Michael,

Your documentary just screened in New Zealand and, having worked for John Britten, I watched your journey with fascination.  Through your documentary I was vicariously experiencing all your highs and lows that we too went through when we built the Britten V1100 and V1000.  It was very familiar.  Given I’ve been where you’ve been, when I offer my sincerest commendation on your truly incredible project and my very very best wishes for your success, you’ll know exactly from where that comes. 

John, if he was alive, would be very, very impressed. 

Congratulations on your amazing vision and design. May 2008 exceed your hopes and dreams.

Best regards,

Hamish Lamont
ex-Britten Motorcycle Company, Christchurch, New Zealand

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20 Responses to “John…would be very, very impressed.”

  1. frank oosterhof says:

    the most extram machine i have ever seen, to be the driver off this bike would be beter than sex. keep on the going,regards from holland nieuw-vennep

  2. Jaap Kruit says:

    Beeing a huge MotoGP fan (i live near the TT circuit of Assen- The Netherlands), i watched the Discovery documantary “Birth of a racer” which was broadcasted here yesterday evening. Until then i had never heard about the project. Incredible what Michael and his team have achieved. The project reminds me to the Britten project, also an unconventional bike but a winner. I realy hope to see the C1 in action in the near future. All the best with testting and developing and good luck! Hope to see you guys in Europe!

  3. Sjouke Dijkstra says:

    Commented before about certain parallels between the Britten project and the MotoCzysz,

    So far i still think the Britten is the most special looking bike i’ve ever seen in real life, and i have seen it upclose on several occasions at Assen. A have seen Andrew stroud on the V11 at Assen where he had to fight the Britten to keep te front wheel down on acelleration, what an awesome sight that was.

    Britten proved that ingenuity of a small team with radical ideas van produce a winning bike, however MotoGP nowadays is a completely different level of racing compared to the competition the Britten was facing.


  4. Peter Hajdu says:

    Britten and MotoCzysz shining stars on the sky!
    Who is a real motorbike fan, can be just glad that you make such things.
    I am eager to see you on the track or hear any news


  5. Erik Olink says:


    I just watched the 2hr documentary about MotoCzysz. The dedication and ideas of the team where very impressive. It makes me think (just like the other commentators) about the Britten Motorcycle Team. I hope you guys will achieve your goals and win GP’s. It doesn’t matter to me if you guys do, it’s the fact you are so dedicated that makes you winners in the first place.

    Keep up the good work.

    Erik from the Netherlands.

  6. Eric says:

    Today (26-01-2008) i watched the documtar ‘Birth of a Racer’ on Discovery Channel in Belgium. I was really impressed and hope to see the C1 this year (wiht a wild card ) in MotoGP. Being a Ducati fan I would like to wish you guys good luck in the near future.
    Also thank you to Hamish Lamont that he react on the documentary and his mail above to wish the boys from motoczysz good luck. Respect!

  7. Jason says:

    I’m so pissed that this documentary is not airing in the freaking HOME COUNTRY OF MOTOCZYSZ!!! Any idea when that’s going to happen? I’m so excited about seeing it and can’t wait for the racing debut of this machine. Keep up the hard work!!

  8. BD@MotoCzysz says:

    Thanks for all the comments – we appreciate it.

    Jason – the documentary dates have been released for the US. Please visit the MotoCzysz homepage for more info.

    Thanks for the support!

  9. Saw the docu on discovery-channel
    Great bike, great concept. (i’ll have a few doubts on the system your using for frontsuspension but okay..)
    Whether your will reach your goal or not..your creating your “dream” and that alone is worth a huge compliment.

    Keep up the project.
    First bike after the great britten that’s dares to take things different.
    hope it will see as many succes as the Britten did.

    best regards

    stefan / bitbo-raceservice / netherlands

  10. Dennis says:


    I watched the show on Discovery. And I really loved it.
    Building a bike from scratch like that, takes a lot of courage.
    The question that remains after seeing the show is: When can we expect to see motoczysz in action? Between the other motogp drivers.
    I can’t wait to see this “Wonder On Wheels” in the field.

    Keep up the really great work,

    Dennis from the Netherlands.

  11. Marco Dietvors says:


    I saw the documentary last friday in Holland, and I am very impressed.
    What a bije, what a sound and what a determination.

    building a MotoGP bike must be extremely difficult, see Aprillia, BMW and Ilmore.

    I hope to see this bike racing in the near future.
    Beat the Japanese!

  12. MotoCzysz says:

    I want to thank Hamish for his very generous words, we feel very honored. We have received several kind words of inspiration from the Britten team and lots of cherished Britten memorabilia from Gary Turner former Britten rider and current head of BST. If it was not for the Britten I would have never tried to build my own bike, the Britten was all the evidence I needed that this was possible. That is all dreamers need – a little inspiration, thank you John.

    Respectfully to all who helped make the Britten dream a reality,

    Michael Czysz

  13. Marco says:

    Hi Michael,

    Incredible bike, superb engineering,
    Hope it will show up at this years Dutch TT !!

    Keep it going !

  14. GAMBLER says:

    now that’s a compliment

  15. ludofrenchalpes says:

    yes !!!!! look :” Creando la moto perfecta ” by, you tube !!!!
    great bostom’s & motoczysz :) mikael , question ? : ok les mise à jour sont longue comme un jour sans pain !! nous avons hate que cela bouge un peu plus !! combiens d’efforts, encore ? ; de notre coté “LA FRANCE” :) à : VOXAN ( V2 / 72° / 1000cc ) un avis ?
    encore 1000 bravos à tous & toutes , bonjour aux fans !!
    # ps: la casquette C1 est superbe !!

  16. ludofrenchalpes says:

    yes !!!!! look :” Creando la moto perfecta ” by, you tube !!!!
    great bostom’s & motoczysz :) michael , question ? : ok les mise à jour sont longue comme un jour sans pain !! nous avons hate que cela bouge un peu plus !! combiens d’efforts, encore ? ; de notre coté “LA FRANCE” :) à : VOXAN ( V2 / 72° / 1000cc ) un avis ?
    encore 1000 bravos à tous & toutes , bonjour aux fans !!
    # ps: la casquette C1 est superbe !!

  17. Peter Wade says:

    I’ll echo the sentiment, Both Michael Czysz and John Britten are cut from the same unique material. Congrats on what you’ve accomplished so far, and I’m looking forward to seeing your bike in anger in the future.

    So when and where are we likely to see the C1 on a starting grid? I’m a Stoner fan, a Vermuelen Fan, and a West fan (Yes, I’m an Aussie) but I’ll be supporting whoever’s riding the C1, coz it’s just that important that your bike does well, for racing fans, and for the bike industry in general.

    If you get to Phillip Island for testing and/or Racing, please let us know. There’s a lot of us who would love to see the beast up close!

  18. Hi Michael, and team

    How is the development for the 800cc? will you still be in contact with my friends at BST, I think, I will make my way back to SA to join up with them when it all starts happening, it is a dream of mine to be involved with these projects, I was fortunate to be part of your project and building the frames, we lost a lot of sleep but were enriched and fulfilled with the knoweldge gained.

    Keep it up guys

  19. Janez Valant says:

    Hi MC team,

    Congratulations on great work! Hard to imagine that stuff you and mr. Britten did in year of 2000, but it gives me immensive pleasure seing that there are still David’s amongst Goliat’s. Also, it gime me a new reasons to work on some ideas of my own, i nearly abandoned… Thanks for greatest bikes and for all the work and chasing a dreams! Keep it up, for us and for yourselves!


  20. rich says:

    I just saw the documentary here in Australia. What an incredible project. I will be following your journey. Im sure you will succeed.

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