the WIN


The victory felt proper, even important; it was only in the leccy (what the locals call an electric motorcycle) class but the sense was- this may be the class of the future.

2010 saw electric racing being elevated from exhibition status to full TT classification. Along with classes for sidecars, 600cc, 1,000cc motorcycles there is now an official electric motorcycles classification- We are living in very interesting times.

The IOM-TT is seeped in history and the TT trophy is as iconic to motorcycle racers as the Stanley cup or America’s cup is to its respective fans. The winners of the TT are given a smaller replica of the “priceless” TT trophy and their name are engraved on silver plaques that encircle the base. Racing giants like; Hailwood, Surtees, Agostini, Dunlop and McGuiness underline and give support to the overwhelming feat that the newest winner of the TT has accomplished and will forever keep guard over the latest name added to the very exclusive club. For over 100 years this trophy has been the undeniable document of heroic men who have challenged the fiercest of opponents, the mountain and won.

This year there was a new trophy, just as shinny but far more modern, a single wave of silver that was engraved with a new TT Zero logo, the logo of zero emissions or “leccies”. This trophy too will never leave the island and will eventually hold the names of all the TT Zero winners in the future.

It was widely accepted that sometime over the next 100 years the original trophy will no longer make the trip out to the winner’s circle, being ultimately replaced by the new trophy. That the new trophy, different then the original, will be the de facto keeper of the “post combustion” winners. This new trophy will however just like the original be the object of desire for the new challengers, the shrine that will recognize their bravery, talent and luck. The place of honor for the men who not only survived the mountain course, but championed. And with the addition of every new name, everyone will search to read who was first! The name they will find, the name that will always be the first will be an American- Mark Miller who rode the American MotoCzysz to victory in 2010.


To stand at the base of the IOM FRICKING PODIUM and hear our National Anthem being played, was worth everything it cost to get there.


Note: This was only the second time the American National Anthem has ever been played at the IOM. This is only the second time an American motorcycle has ever won at the IOM, last time was an Indian, 1911. But this was the first time, in over 100 hundred years, that an Americn rider won on an American motorcycle- hell’s ya!

42 Responses to “the WIN”

  1. skadamo says:

    Nice work MC! You guys broke in the new trophy in style.

  2. ludofrenchalpes says:

    yes ,yes ,yes !!!! cela est beau de voir tout ceci , je suis fier de porter vos couleurs sur ma tête !!!
    l’obstination de votre firme prouve que ,quant ont veut , ont peut. :)
    bravo ,encore 1000 bravo à ceux qui ont rendue cela possible !!!
    #une mise à jour du E-shop ?

  3. Congrats!!

    You’re now in history. Nice bike, nice engineering work!!

  4. Harry Mallin says:

    It was great fun following your story and watching this race (the leaderboard, actually). Hope to see more of your bike in the future. Congratulations to you and your team.

  5. Steve Medway says:

    Great Win :-) But All American Racing…. Isn’t the lead engineer British?

  6. says:

    Congratulations from Italy

  7. A-Bomb says:

    Congrats! Was hoping for MotoCzysz to win last year. Glad to see everything working so well this year. Smart changes to the bike for sure. Are we going to see the bike in any of the other electric races this year? Hope so.

  8. Congrats guys! Incredible achievement, and I cant wait to see what you bring out next year.

    Any chance we can get some on-board video? I want to hear what the future of racing sounds like when used in anger, from the rider’s perspective.

    Looking forward to eventually being able to buy one of these, roll it out of your office, and break it in properly up on skyline!

    Go Portland!

  9. Jon says:

    We need some video footage of this event!

  10. Jeff says:

    That’s the way to carry the flag! Great job on dominating this new IOM class for future racing. Maybe in the future we can see your petrol bike along side the e-bike on a future MotoGP starting grid?! Only question, which bike would be on the pole?? Congrats!

  11. Hubs says:

    Congrats to the team!!!!!
    Great effort above and beyond!!!
    Now Michael you can take a week off and rest, Get ready for the next step!!!

  12. RichardC says:

    Only the MotoCzysz insiders have the slightest clue how much effort, time, money, and tears went into making this happen. Having been an insider some time ago, I think I have some idea, and am all the more impressed because of it.

    Well, well done, gentlemen. I couldn’t be happier for you. If there was ever a bunch that deserved it, it’s you.


  13. pops h says:

    fantastic !! Can’t wait for 2012 for the first motoGP win by the same bunch of guys that built the electric motorcycle.

  14. Capn Ed says:

    Congrats to Michael, Adrian and the rest! This is sweet redemption for all of the sacrifices made by the Czysz team- especially beating the hell out of Agni. Well done!

  15. Arnaud says:

    After “the world fastest Indian” -> “The world fastest Motoczysz” This would also deserve a movie, I bet would be as affecting. Great job Michael, deserved!

  16. Sky says:

    Congratulations Michael and Motoczysz team! – from the moto-geeks at Intel

  17. Isaac says:

    I am so fucking proud of you! God this was well worth the year long wait to victory. I have been dreaming about this for the past twellve months and I dream no longer. Team Czysz, thank you for making me proud to be an American and giving it to the whole TT-Zero grid with no vaseline!

  18. Matt Hubbell says:

    I don’t know, the Vaseline comments kind of freak me out if you know what I mean. Anyway who is on it at Laguna, I vote Mike as he is the head instructor there, or is that against the FIM rules?

  19. Tyler C says:

    Man, I am so happy to see this, you guys are the FIRST to win the trophy, first to lap under 24minutes, first to…I mean wow, just wow.

    To steal from Team America


  20. Jim Race says:

    Mark Miller speaks on the TT Zero win (warning: long interview):


  21. Jim Race says:

    And to follow up? A great, and long interview with Michael:


  22. AGN Brasil says:

    Congratulations from Brazil

  23. ludofrenchalpes says:

    de la joie dans les yeux de savoir que vous , Mr czysz allez porter VOS couleurs , votre marque ,votre vision … pour notre plaisir
    un retour sur le circuit qui à vue naitre le preuve de concept en sa version thermique & de revenir avec le nouveau #3 E1pc ,grand vainqueur du E-iomtt ;)
    laguna-séca vas être tellement chaud , sans la pluie … ni grand drapeau ….

    Red-bull ; Monster ou “gatorade bleue”
    commanditaires ???

    votre carénage complet est il en place ?

    le circus GP sera ici , de belles choses vont avoir lieu . vous savez tordre la main droite … ainsi que les neurones :) et un professeur sur ce tracé !
    que le soleil brille pour votre firme .

  24. Monty says:

    Great job on the win at the TT. We spoke on the phone last fall about building a 600 from the C1 (just a reminder). We’ll be racing at Laguna in the superbike class. I’ll drop by and see you while we are there.

  25. Jeff says:

    Congrats! You are right, this is the beginning of the future! I hope that you win IOM next year, too. Haha!

  26. Jeff says:

    Fanfrickintastic! Keep going Michael, I wish you all the best! I still want to see you C1 990 success. Takes balls mate, really big ones to do what your doing. I’m still amazed at what you’ve accomplished. It’s taken motorcycling into a new era. Superbike anyone!

    God Bless Michael


  27. Isaac says:

    Best of luck at Laguna, LOL as if if you’ll need it! I sure wish they would televise the race so I can see you bike in action.

  28. ludofrenchalpes says:

    e -Power à Laguna Seca est pour vous !!

    bravos à tous & toutes !! tous ceux qui ont collaborés et la concurrence as vue l’obstination de votre concept !!
    ainsi que la force de votre main droite …
    félicitations !!!!!

  29. Chuck says:

    Hells Yes Mike!!! We were cheering you on from Turn 6 at Laguna Seca! Your bike sounded amazingly mean compared to the others, and your your triumph at the last leg was well earned! Go Mike, and ignore the old guard stalwarts as you move forward. Looking forward to you riding one of your electric motos soon.

    BTW: any chance your going to have a C1 motoGP bike on the grid in 2011 with the 1000cc coming back?

  30. Sultan says:

    Here is some coverage of the e-Power event from the FIM website:

    The Czysz bike looks amazing in person.

  31. James Griggs says:

    Congratulations! And great work in persevering and not giving up! Last year I was hoping you would finish. This year a win!

  32. Matt Hubbell says:

    Congrats on Laguna you guys, that was a close one. Best finish , best looking bike, best looking rider, but still so humble you don’t report on your own blog. Thats ok becuase Czysz nation is watching and reporting it to the world. Nice fucking job you guys:)


  33. noch says:

    Congrats! We were cheering you on from the grandstand. An inspiring performance!

  34. The one armed Bandit Rider says:

    Well done , absolutely bloody brilliant. been following the story and despie being Irish and shouting for the Paddys on the other races I was delighted to see your amazing achievement as I’ve been following the blog for ages.

    Keep up the good work and hopefully soon you’ll be a legend along with the rest in your accomplashments.

    Been around the iom circuit several times and to be actually competetive really is something, best of luck

  35. ashwinchander says:

    congrats. i had complete faith

  36. Warner Branz says:

    I am definately gonna subscribe, this is soo interesting, love your thoughts.

  37. Joey North says:

    Bring on 2011!

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