Reciprocating VS Rotary

It is very easy to take for granted how marvelous and remarkable an internal combustion engine really is- in fact, I think it is incomprehensible.

The MotoCzysz engine designed for the C1 is one of the most powerful (hp per liter) engines ever built in America. It has a mean piston speed of 25 meters per second which is an unremarkable 56 miles per hour, a speed typically driven daily. However the trip for the C1 piston is much shorter than your daily commute, the piston leaves its location (home) and arrives at its destination (office) after traveling less than 2”, yet still manages a respectable 56MPH average for the entire trip. So a piston starts and stops much quicker than the family mini van.

The C1 has a redline of 16,000 rpm, much higher than the average car engine, a little higher than the average sportbike engine but lower than a Formula One engine. At 16,000 rpm each piston makes its commute (home to office) 533 times per second or 160 times during the blink of your eye. Also the piston is not a solo commuter (part) it has on average 10 additional parts (rod, rings, pin, bolts, etc) that commute with it and the piston typically drives in convoys with 4, 6, 8, 10 even sometimes 12 other “commuters” and that is just the pistons. There are 16 to 32 valves in the average car that also obediently “commute” along with hundreds of other parts that add to the “traffic”.

So effectively, after a hundred years, we have artfully evolved a machine that can convert outrages reciprocating motion into simple, purposeful rotary torque. What if we removed all the reciprocating insanity/beauty and replaced it with a single rotating part, the result- a magic torque generator, an engine for the future, more likely from Mars than Detroit. Enter the electric motor.

One part- going one direction

D1-10 on Dyno

Energy storage/conversion aside, the electric motor is the simplest most efficient tool for the job- if that job is to create rotary drive torque. The problem is, there has never been an electric motor specifically designed for a motorcycle let alone a Superbike.

Motorcycles are highly evolved machines that benefit the rider significantly when the ideal torque delivery is achieved. This “engine characteristic” is an important factor allowing the rider to feel more in control and confident and thus get the most out of his/her machine. The greatest strives to deliver idyllic torque has come from the abundance of electronic aides to fix the problems of the internal combustion engine. The ultimate electronic aid- a purpose built electric motor.

The first version MotoCzysz D1-10 generates over 100rwhp (rear wheel hp) which may not sound like much until you add the 250ft/lbs of torque to the equation. A current 2010 600cc sportbike makes 118hp (105+- rwhp) and 48 ft/lbs of torque at the crank, so the RWHP is right on target, the game changer is torque. Torque is the accelerative force; a motorcycle with more torque will out accelerate a motorcycle with less torque. Geared for the same top speed, we calculate our D1-10 motor will out accelerate a current 600cc in line four. The other “motor” benefit- the D1-10 delivered its power by converting 90% of the on board energy into torque, the 600cc in-line four- 35%.

Three MotoCzysz dyno records were broke on the last run;
1- Highest ever measured torque
2- Highest ever measured RPM
3- no oil leaks… (on at least one run)

This after one year of evolution- 99 more to go.


PS. yes- we were on the limiter…

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50 Responses to “Reciprocating VS Rotary”

  1. mathew says:

    That’s amazing! How are you going to keep it cool?

  2. Richard Behringer Jr. says:

    Very nice indeed.Good luck at the TT.

  3. ludofrenchalpes says:

    ouaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa je pense que cette vidéo va faire le tour du globe “buzz” de facon TRES rapide :) ( rotate par maps )
    il toujours plaisant de comprendre et d’apprendre tous ces enseignement que nous faite partager !! :)
    merci pour cela
    heureux est celui qui auras la ” valise D1-10″ sur son propre prototype . le bruit du “rupteur” fais sourire , mais, les fanatiques du piston (j’en suis) ont tous besoin de preuves .
    tordre un 600cc en est une valable pour moi

  4. says:

    the oil function is also to lubricate motor???

  5. Rider 1 says:

    Looks cool! I think you are on target for there is a big hole in the market for high performance smaller motors. Right now the only motors and controllers that are correct in size for a motorcycle are probably for a forklift. Not really high performance.

    You have some great #’s on the dyno but I would like to see what you get with the voltage drop from the cells and are you able pull the amps that you need when you need them from the pack that will go on the bike. What kind of #’s do you get then. The cells are the week link.

  6. Harry Mallin says:

    I liked the analogy to commuting that you made about the pistons of an internal combustion engine. I, too, have a short commute, and, just like the piston’s trip, half of the time it sucks, and half of the time it blows.

  7. Isaac says:

    My ears need a cigarette now! Thta sounds just like a fighter jet. I’d love to zip down the highway riding a bike with that motor. Can’t wait to see the E1PC EvO 2 this June at TTIOM!!!!!!!!!!

  8. djam says:

    Well first the C1 and now this! I await with anticipation and money to buy a true American marvel of engineering. Great work Michael and team. I await your final product. Hope to see you at Laguna this year. Would like to see your product in person and would love to see your new creation circle the track again!

  9. Arnaud says:

    Hello Michael,

    That is just absolutely fantastic. I am really pleased to see Motoczysz being on the starting grid front line of what is for sure the legitimate heir of the internal combustion engine.

    I would be curious to know how many rpm you achieved with that beast. And the torque! Dude it’s just half of a Ferrari Enzo.

    One word to say -> Amazing!

    Keep going!

  10. Bill says:

    Like your Z-line 4 cylinder motor, that electric motor has such a unique sound. Good work!

  11. says:

    what’s the first race that runs the new bike?

  12. Charlie Holt says:

    OK I have been faithfully checking the site every day for new pictures etc. I am a fan….. how about throwing me some tidbits. by now you should have had some track tests,so there should be some great pics. Come on Michael feed the machine!!!!! Feed me Seymore!!!!Feed me!!!

  13. Isaac says:

    Hey Micheal,

    I saw the Gatorade render. Which gave me this Idea. I was wondering if you could post a design contest. You know post 4 really hi-res photos or line art of the bike with no stickers. Then tell us the sponsors or design guidlines and let winner be responsible for the livery? Or just let us have some fun!!!!

    - Isaac

  14. Isaac says:

    *Michael sorry for the misspelled name.

  15. Stan says:

    All i can say is if this makes it to market I am in……

  16. Abe says:

    What does all that torque mean for the tire choice now and compound development in future?

  17. Chad says:

    Sucks we didn’t get to see you at Infineon. Could have gave that Agni a run for its money. Hope to see you at future TTXGP races

  18. There is about the same torque at the rear wheel as an ICE so tire design won’t be affected. Power is not affected by gearing but torque is. 100Hp at crank = 100hp at rear wheel (minus losses) regardless of gearing. 48ft-lbs at the crank translates to about 250 ft-lbs at the output shaft sprocket (48 ft-lbs x 1.9 primary drive reduction x 2.7 first gear ratio), about the same as this electric motor so both would give about the same performance if the same amount of energy was available. The difference is in the energy storage content. The ESS batteries give 10 Kw-Hr of energy. 87 octane gas gives 34 Kw-Hr per gallon, of which about 12 Kw-Hr actually gets to the rear wheels. So 144 lbs of batteries gives the same useful energy as about 5lbs of gas.

  19. Jim Williams says:

    Michael / Chris,

    Can you comment on the level of development and testing for this year’s Isle of Man, relative to last years entry. Have you been able to ride at PIR between the rain storms? Has Mark Miller been able to get some time with the bike? Thanks,

    Good luck this year!

  20. Brad says:

    It looks like Motoczysz is simply producing electric drives for other race bikes. What happened to the E1? Is there a plan to race this motor in a Motoczysz chassis? I certainly hope an E2 TTX GP bike is underway, because until you prove this drive train works,…no one will buy it. Plus, the E1 was such a beautiful machine it would be a crying shame to let the development of an even better machine slip away now that electric bikes are starting to race. I was sure Motoczysz would be there to prove their design and support the sport. I have to say, I’m disappointed. The motor sounds great and looks the business, I hope it gets to race some time soon.

  21. I’ve not seen any bikes but think most improvement will be in chassis setup and overall bike refinement. There haven’t been any major advances in energy storage or motor control technology so Kw-H capacity should not be too different, keeping it as the limiting factor in increasing performance.


  22. Matt Hubbell says:

    Hey Mike, are you guys freaking out yet? One lap, next Friday , no pressure :)


  23. says:

    Come on! Michael show new bike!!!!!!!!!!!

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  25. ludofrenchalpes says:
    un retour aux sources , pas de grand drapeau au vent , cette fois ;)
    serais vous en selle ? comparo RC8 KTM // E1pc “new specs” ? sur le tire-bouchon .
    vivement bientôt …
    bravo à vous ! ;)

  26. Hubshere says:

    Alright Electric Moto GP @ laguna seca!!!!!!!
    Electric Bike ready to show!!
    I’m glad something is going on to get this bike out and about!!
    I wish you well michael.
    Are you going to set prices and start mfg after laguna?

  27. Jeff says:

    Live Isle of Man TT radio coverage here:

    The TT Zero is schedules to start Wed. June 9 at 8:30 AM PST.

  28. Congrats on the fast TT lap. Good to see progress being made.


  29. Tyler Calvert says:

    Wow, just wow…Michael, every time I come here I am amazed. I mean I really am. I am not a fan of electric cars, but an electric sport bike I could deffinately enjoy…Keep up the amazing work, you make me proud to be an American.

    Any idea on when a production version is going to be available?

  30. Isaac says:

    Go Michael! 131+ mph @ 40% throttle. That is impressive to say the least. I think tomorrow (batt juice permitting) do a 180mph fly by on the finish leg. And watch the competition pick thier jaws up from the asphalt. Can t wai to see the new bike!

  31. Brad says:

    Congratulations to the MotoCzysz Team. The bike looks good! This is what I want to see. Well done. Can’t wait for race day. Cheers!

  32. Tyler Calvert says:

    Dang, race is postponed till tomorrow at 4pm local time, so roughly 10am CST (-6GMT). I will be out of town and unable to check in on what has happened…Good luck

  33. Jeff says:

    TT Zero postponed to June 10th at 8:00 AM PST due to poor weather.

    In the meantime:

    Click on the various sector times at the top of the page to see the speed in that sector.

  34. Jeff says:

    TT Zero practice at Ramsey Hairpin video:

  35. Troy says:

    Great work! Best of luck tomorrow.

  36. Isaac says:

    Best wishes Michael!!! As if you’ll need them…=o)

    Tear em’ a new hole!

  37. ludofrenchalpes says:

    mark doit ce rendre compte de la pression sur le dos ,bientôt le départ pour la base d’une légende !!!
    beaucoup de temps depuis le fond du garage à la ligne de départ ,officielle gravé dans le marbre …

  38. Jeff says:

    TT Zero live radio coverage now!

  39. ludofrenchalpes says:

    la victoire est à vous !!!!!!!!!!!!!! bravo à mark ;)
    hélas pour le big bonus , mais le marbre est inscrit à jamais !!

  40. Brad says:

    Congratulations to MotoCzysz for their first victory! 96.8 Miles per hour average for Mark Miller, just shy of the 100 mile an hour lap goal. Well done!!!!!!

  41. Jeff says:

    MotoCzysz and Mark Miller win the Isle of Man TT Zero at 96.820 mph everage for the lap.

  42. Arnaud D says:

    Just one word to say: Congratulations!!!!
    You did it Michael!!
    Congrats to all the team for your efforts, you diserve it.
    That’s impressive!


  43. Mark Tilley says:

    Way to go team Congrats on what I hope is the first of Many

  44. Isaac says:

    FUCK YEAH Team MotoCzysz!!! Gave it to them with no lube!!!

    Man this makes me so proud to be an American motorcyclist! The new bike looks so sick! Especially when the rider is on it. I love the new design. I have no idea what those bends are at the top of the mid-fairing but I like it!

    WAY – TO – GO !!!!

  45. matt hubbell says:

    The cool this about Motoczysz, is that they are not a bunch of head cases, who think they need to put up current news about their big victory. They know the fans will take care of that for them. I mean it is not everyday you win a new class of racing and break a lap record at the IOM on a new bike that no one has ever seen before,
    and do you see these guys bragging about it, no you don’t. Not even one word or pic on the whole website. I love it.


  46. Rmannon says:

    Congrats on the win! You guys are what is needed in the sport bike world. I’m not to big on hogs, cruisers, or choppers, and sport bikes fit the niche but a bike that does it with electrics really makes this linux nerd say “I want one”. I really want one.

  47. Hi mike,
    your biggest fan ever. i am currently doing my third year in mech engineering in india, i saw ur c1 on discovery turbo a few months back. discovery turbo is being aired in india only for some time now,atleats parts of india. ur c1 was amazing. ur team yr work its all amazing, i like ur electric motor. hope to see the whole struggle and achievement of the D1 10 in detail on turbo. i heard u say its ur dream to make c2 c3 c4 and so on. well my dream is to come work with u and become part of the czysz family one day. i wish u all the best and will keep checking ur blogs.

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  49. Je suis tombé sur ton poste par mégarde et
    puis je ne le regrette pas !!

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