Streamlining VS. Dustbin; Can the DUSTBIN part II


My previous blog synthesized down to one sentence- 
Dustbin fairings (true to the definition) add unnecessary risk for a racer competing on the IOM.

Aero Maters
The second most convincing attribute compelling us to pursue the C1 (ICE) engine layout had do to with a potential aerodynamic benefit. After neutralizing the gyroscopic forces of the crankshaft the aero benefit of a 6” wide engine was tantalizing. We knew we could not create more HP than Honda- fortunately we also thought we may not need to. Some of the time our HP deficiency would not matter as the rider is using less than full throttle 70% of the time. Our rider may be at 55% throttle while the Honda rider is only at 50% throttle, we would be less efficient but traveling at the same speed. However full throttle is full throttle there is no 110%, so our strategy to make up the full throttle deficit was- Aerodynamics.

The MotoCzysz C1 engine is 6.5” wide; though the perimeter of our fairing generally matches the silhouettes of the other offerings we had less frontal area. We also had the added benefit of exhausting the high pressure air captured for the radiator more efficiently to the low pressure side as the air would move cleaner past a 6” wide obstruction than an 18” wide obstruction. When the riders are at 100% throttle the speeds are often high, a minor aerodynamic improvement of only a few percent can trump any HP advantage left to be found in an internal combustion engine (ICE).

One of the early examples that aero matters, has been substantiated by Craig Vetter’s Fuel Economy Contests-

Additionally and to the finest point- teams behind elite bicyclists understand this best. Over a 40km race distance an aero helmet can save a rider 47 seconds over a none-aero helmet, a disk in the rear wheel 33 sec. and smoothing you’re your shoelaces with tape 7 seconds… Aero matters- this is not the issue.

Law of Cube
2X speed = 8X power

Want to double your speed with no aero benefit then find eight times the power! Doubling your speed increased the aerodynamic drag or resistive force by a factor of 4. Doubling your speed means, to achieve the same distance in half the time, 2X the work. The conclusion; 4×2 = 8 the law of cube.

Since 90% of the energy delivered to the wheels is used to overcome aerodynamic drag, reducing drag is “found” energy. Every vehicle, ICE or electric should make aerodynamic efficiency a priority- this is also not the issue.

Dustbin by definition

The definition of a dustbin fairing is very specific; a Hayabusa fairing is NOT a DB fairing. Typical DB fairings have large surface areas far forward of the bikes Cg, resulting in the center of pressure (CP) forward of the Cg, this is inherently unstable. Like the unstable fighter jet tamed by massive amounts of electronic intervention, a dustbin fairing could also be neutralized- but not by any current e-teams budgets.

BMW and Honda both have had formula one teams thus access to the most advanced aerodynamic data on the planet. To think these companies are following some conspiracy by not improving their own motorcycles ability is… lets just leave it at, an interesting theory. The lack of development has also been blamed on the “ban”. Read the rules for MotoGP and you will find Dorna and the FIM allow for significantly larger fairings covering a much greater area than what the teams and engineers have elected to run- trust there is some foundation for this decision.

We are still racing
The goal of racing a motorcycle is to complete the circuit in the shortest time possible. It is a misnomer to assume (and this is only being done by those with no high level race experience) that because the machine is NOW electric everything should change. As one of the only companies to have built a chassis specific for e power, that also runs proprietary suspension, MotoCzysz is obviously not rooted in tradition. The game changer is the “form” of energy and the method to create torque. Decades of development that have made the fastest motorcycles fast- is still relevant.

The rules for electric racing are very open; I believe this to be one of the purest prototype classes left in racing. To that end we are drawn to this because it is new, the playing field is uniquely level, progress feels important and innovation can prevail. In fact all the internet “experts” confident in their own opposing ideas should grid up, no excuse. There is plenty of opportunity for innovation as the rules stand now- this too, is not the issue.

The IOM is a tough and honorable proving ground but should be limited as a testing ground. A true Dustbin exchanges rider’s safety for efficiency. I have taken great risks over the last several years riding my own prototype machines but I have never been more concerned than when someone who has little to prosper from the experience does the same. Until you have built a bike baring your name you cannot understand the pressure of having a rider set off for a hot lap. Racing is risky, accidents and untimely deaths happen and we all accept it- that is racing and that- is not the issue.

The real issue is-
are we holistically dedicated to the future of our sport?

Will the future of motorcycling come down to making riders less safe? Real advancements need to be improvements in both technology as well as safety. Sending a rider out on an inherently unsafe machine, to race the most demanding circuit in the world because as a group we failed to make any other real advancements, seems very antiquated.


PS. Unfortunately issues like these are too common in e racing as a result of the disproportionate amount of new individuals involved with NO prior racing or motorcycle experience.

PSS. MotoCzysz will also have a second fairing on the Isle- a Streamline/BD style fairing, if Mark Miller (a very brave man) chooses to race with it will be his sole decision- I hope we do not have to have that conversation.

32 Responses to “Streamlining VS. Dustbin; Can the DUSTBIN part II”

  1. ludofrenchalpes says:

    tous ces péta-flop d’informations, font grandir la confiance en vous & votre firme .
    depuis votre 250 aprilia , czyszuki ,la preuve de concept C1 (méchant grand drapeau…) le moteur “Z4″,le 6x-flex ,le E1 (1 & 2 :)
    beaucoup de distance parcourue depuis 2004 dans votre garage . la sueur perdue , les plaies divers , ainsi de neurones grillés :)
    sous le regard et le jugement de tous et toutes !
    la conception de tout objet
    l’architecture de bâtiments ,tout comme la conception mécanique , répond à des règles & des lois précises qui sont à affinées en permanence pour valider celle-ci, et , en crée de nouvelles ! (l’aéro,la rotation de la pompe à huile ,vos soupapes , la contrainte de la météo ou la pression des pneus !! )
    vous le prouver en expliquant pourquoi et comment . cela est compréhensible par tous (bravo) pour la pédagogie de vos propos.
    le but final c’est le résultat final : un produit viable & fiable tout en procurant une cohérence de beauté ,un retour positif d’informations
    le podium et la sécurité du pilote , des mécaniciens du paddock garage sont LA priorité première :) la vie est en jeu.
    les gars McWilliams ,turpin ,Sir Cathcart et d’autres ont eu la chance de gravir une belle machine qui provoque de la joie et des questions
    bien sur, votre “star-up” de brevets est micro. Mais face à des empires de fabricants de motos, vous ne baiser ni les yeux ,ni les bras tant pis pour les mauvaises langues ! tant mieux pour les fans et les curieux de par le monde entier !!

    depuis toutes ces années votre team avez matérialiser vos paroles ! la persévérance est une force
    bientôt les beaux jours arrivent pour limer les slider’s ;)

  2. I understand Michael is saying some of the the classic, tailless, dustbin fairing were dangerous. I agree. that’s why the E-Gp rules call for a tail – “If the front wheel in enclosed the rear wheel must also be enclosed”

    If he’s saying that PTW’s can’t be safely streamlined, Motorcycles may be too unstable, I wouldn’t know, but FF’s can and have been.

    If he thinks the “Motorcycle” is the only way to go fast he’s just wrong. He needs to look into faster, safer FF’s. which would have beating motorcycles in racing already if the rules had allowed it.

    And I hope he’s not suggesting that I’d make such assertions without ample experience of aerodynamics, motorcycles, FF’s and dustbin fairings (on an FF), in the IoM. Although it’s true that my racing experience is limited to karts and F.1 (as a technican) – which is why I’ve worked on developing a better PTW than the motorcycle!

    Why should one particular layout monopolise PTW racing? It’s like sayng racing cars should have engines in the front. If the FIM ran motor racing we’d still be racing blower Bentleys.

  3. says:

    are normal hulls also the subject of your research?

  4. Shaswata Panja says:

    What can I say Mr.Czysz I am grateful to you for tackling the subject of Dustbin Fairings at length. The Moto Guzzi V8 also had DB Fairings but I guess it was banned (the Fairing not the V8) because FIM found out that these sort of fairings were too prone to effects of sidewinds in the corner This might help for people who are not convinced about the original reasons for the ban…I did a readng of Tony Foale’s articles on motorcycle aerodynamics (excellent and freely available on the web) which helped me to appreciate your aticles much better..Here come my next question Mr.Czysz …Is downforce ever possible on racing motorcycles? perhaps with Sukhoi-30 MKI or Eurofighter Typhoon like canards in front and some sort of wing at the back? I might be shooting in the dark but I would like to hear from people like you. I always thought that sidecars should have been faster than bikes at IOM since their shapes lend to some exertion of downforce I guess…but as it stands bikes are way faster…Best of luck with your project and may you win

  5. brett vegas says:

    Something else to keep in mind, every bike has its own race. The race is designed around the bike, not the other way around. Some venues ignore that, but only in a specific sense. A MX bike cannot race against a street bike ‘on the street’, and a road bike probly wouldn’t even make it one lap on a mx corse.

    I have never riden a FF m/c, but I have riden a full fairing recumbant bicycle, and a bunch of ‘normal’ recumbants. They are goofy. Yeah, in some situations, a recumbant can be faster than a normal bicycle, but there are just as many where it is slower. FF is marginal in EVERY two wheel discipline, because it is goofy(ff dualsport? right). As goofy and marginal as electric power. If the two are put together, the bike gets MORE goofy, not less.

    Put electrics on a short corse, design the race around the bike.
    Ten minute lap.

    See ya


  6. Matt Hubbell says:

    DUSTBIN, really you guys? Who the F is going to ride a DUSTBIN. Why is it even a question. I hope Agni Motors shows up with one, cause the first corner is going to suck, when they bottom out, and then the cross wind on the mountain is going to blow them off the road.

    What I wanna talk about is this years pre season mind games between these teams. How much fun has it been watching Team Czysz and Agni sling shit across the internet at each other. I fucking love it, and I can’t wait to see them go up against each other.


  7. Daniel Robertsson says:

    I can’t wait to see this bike on IOM this year. It’s gonna be a race? Or?

  8. says:

    what’s the first race that runs the new bike?

  9. Mark Tilley says:

    I was disappoint not to see the digital super bike entered in the 2010 TTXGP electric motorcycle race at Infineon raceway this weekend. My hope is that you are gearing towards the Isle of Man race next month. I am excited to see this bike run. Please update us on the status. It is a little disheartening that a team Zero/Agni bike is there as well as 9 others but yours is not. I have a great respect for your undertaking. Just wish your tam was a little more forthcoming with info.

    Keep up the good work


  10. liao says:

    Firstly congratulations to the victory on the Isle of Man TTzero race. Huge success of the MotoCzysz concept, and hopefully with the FIM rule change, we’ll get the see your MotoGP program back in action.

    From the race images we see from the TT race, there’s something aerodynamically worth noticing: the E1pc bike has a remarkably small tail section compared to traditional motorbikes. While being the trend in the prototype races, and while as we’ll all understand the “tail” section has no structural usage in the E1pc (containing extra batteries, supporting exhaust pipes, etc.), it seems to provide one pretty nice place to implement an aero fairing. Something like the “pointy tail” on the cycling TT helmet: filling the gap left by the rider and slightly tapering downwards, maybe even to an extent of partially wrapping the rear wheel.

    By doing so, the frontal area of the bike would not change, as is the case in bicycle time trial helmets; and it certainly wouldn’t introduce the handling issues suggested either, at least not to the same degree. But rather, it seeks a sort of means of modifying the shape of “hole” in the air punched out by the flying motorcycle.

    Unless the concept interferes with the cooling of your driving unit… might be an inexpensive, simple, stupid method that’s worth a look. ;)

  11. motorbikes says:

    What I really want to know is when this bike will be available in the public market. I want to? buy one!

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  13. Andyj says:

    The Peraves Monotracer has no issues with side winds and the owners love to race them. Emphasis was placed on the front end with as little fairing before the front wheel as much as possible and the screen has plenty of rake back. The rear end being high to balance any gust offset. Indeed, on modern production race style bikes, there is a natural progression of the fairing to be mounted ever lower and more forward.

    The devil lives in the details.
    I have taken interest and studied wind effects on motorcycles for years now (partly as a victim) and see little reason not to extend and close in your fairing to the forks, at least as a faired “mudguard”. The rear ends are becoming less built up with extraneous matter but an aerodynamic balance is needed above the rear wheel to balance the fairing in front and help to clean the exit from the air flow at the rear.

    It’s also good to check behind the rider/rear wheel area for a clean dead air patch is not a low pressure or turbulent. This also means the riders legs should be faired which will improve the straights and a higher pre corner speed with a faired leg sticking out sideways will improve the air dam effect with the knee out. Every W/H you save can add up to requiring less battery for the race and weight or more laps!

    M’cycles have a long way to go to get anyway near the cd of a standard car!

    Sheesh! It never ends.

  14. [...] Streamlining VS. Dustbin; Can the DUSTBIN part II « Club …Quick overviews and basic info on Motorcycle fairing. The importance of streamlining was known very early in the 20th century. Some streamlining was seen on racing … Latest news and videos on Moto… [...]

  15. jerryd says:

    Yes just keep thinking aero is dangerous. You do know that dustbins are not the only way to good aero?

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