1″ = 25.4mm’s

Years ago I was at an event where Oliver Stone was asked how he made a film, his answer? “Inch by mother-fucking inch” Fast forward to today and I can completely relate. Want to know how you build a motorcycle? “Millimeter by mother-fucking millimeter.”


Over the booming and echoing sound of the Ducati D16 and the MotoCzysz C1, idling only feet apart I yell to the other stunt rider “After the pass I’m going to lean on you pretty hard.” Adam nods his helmet; I think he understands, “OK?” I say? Then we hear “Rolling… Sound… Action,” off I go with the Desmo close behind.

We are gaining speed- to execute what the entire stunt crew has been referring to as “the shot” over the last 3 days. It is hardly the race thru the 3 foot opening in the fallen log that has our attention. More disconcerting is the road (actually a narrow path) that makes a left just past the log where we need to go right. What lies only a foot from the edge of the path- a deep ravine, “Cut.”


The crew is setting up for one of the ‘speed shots’ a long lens, shot through the woods towards a series of curves. We are wearing ear pieces but must relay our information to the director and crew through a PA and his wakie talkie. Over the com we hear “OK- for this first pass come by the camera at about 50 mph and we will see how it looks.” The C1 does not have a speedometer but during the first framing and practice runs I switch to a street bike, so off we go- 50 mph. On the way back I pass the crew doing about 75. When I get back to my starting mark I hear “That was cool how fast was that?” I tell the PA “75″, over the com I hear “OK this time 75″, so off we go- 75 mph. On the way back I pass the crew doing over a 100. “Wow that was really cool how fast was that?” the voice over the com asks. After the number is related we hear “OK let’s try a hundred.” This feels like a pretty respectable speed for this section of road but on the way back I pass the crew at about 125. The voice says “Noooo- let’s just stick to a 100- we’re good.”


“Money Never Sleeps” the timely sequel to the classic film “Wall St.”, both directed by Oliver Stone will be in theaters April 21.

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15 Responses to “1″ = 25.4mm’s”

  1. Matt Hubbell says:

    MOTHER FUCKING COOL, MOTHER FUCKER!!!! This is what I am talking about. Way to kick some ass you guys.


  2. ludofrenchalpes says:

    money money money money ;)

    Mr CZYSZ vous nous surprenez toujours
    Que 2010 va étre une belle année pour tous les fans de par le beau monde , vos créations sont superbes !! bravo à tous ; votre team !! & angel’s partenaires .
    que le soleil brille longtemps sur portland
    vivement bientôt :)

  3. Isaac says:

    Michael! good deal man. It’s sure nice to see the C1 getting some mother-fucking-recognition!

    Love the new design of the eDrive. Bit out of my price range however none the less, gorgeous. I sure can’t wait to see the new bike this coming TTIOM race!

    Just a wish, but can you submit your bike to TAMIYA models or Mini Champs. I’d love to have a small relpi-racer on my mantle or my desk.

    Peace Brother,

    - Isaac

  4. Sam Sisic says:

    Look forward to seeing the flick and the C1 in it!!
    Absolutelly love the E1 progress…Every Fucking Millimeter of it!!!
    Refreshing to see someone with an eye for design develop this technology and give it a worthy representation… I can just see the Italians turning green with Envy. ;-)
    Down with petrol!!!

  5. Isaac says:

    Sam Sic I couldn’t agree with you more! I know the Italians at Ducati, Bimota, MV Agusta are picking their jaws up off thier desks at the mere sight of Michaels machine. In fact, his bike kinda looks like there’s a little Ducati 916 in it, only Michael’s design gets the point across of showing beauty and power.

    - Isaac

  6. [...] conçue par Michael Czysz. Ce dernier pilote d’ailleurs son bébé pour l’occasion (voir ses réactions sur le [...]

  7. Peter S says:

    Chevy Volt who? What ever you do don’t let the government ‘help’ you produce this electric bike.

  8. daniel M says:

    i watched this movie “Wall Street” just last Oct. 3…and man i was really overwhelmed how Motoczysz showed Ducati its power and performance.Well Ducati is Ducati no doubt about it….but we can never doubt C1 as well…after seeing that movie..i kept on pointing at the screen…i said “its the C1!!”…i was really stunned how it gave Ducati a hard time…i mean though its a movie…theres a script, but the Bikes are real, the speeds are real, and Motoczysz’s performance is real..
    way to go Mike…you might get an Oscars Award for this..haha

  9. JR DeVito says:

    It was a great scene and anytime the C1 can be shown to the public, I am psyched. As an avid motorcyclist and roadracer I notice things that 99.9% of the general public will not so I must ask>>> When they stop for their little “pow wow” by the lake, the C1 is up on a rear stand (although unseen) so where did this magic rear stand come from? I guess it was one of those foldable types and he had it in his pocket hahahaha!!!

  10. ashwinchander says:

    hey michael,
    i saw the movie just becoz i heard that there was a show dow. between ducati and c1. i was glad to see c1 win. we can never tell what hapens in movies. i live in india and one of ur biggest fans. not many people know about cysz in india. this little stunt will hopefully make them check the net. after th race in the movie the rider of the ducati says”i think i gave u the better bike” . ofcourse that comment was a perspective opinion. but that added an extra edge to the c1. hope u could come down to india sometime to promote ur creation. hope to meet u one day. good luck on the tracks

  11. Todd G says:

    Do you know the road in upstate NY that this scee was filmed. Looks like a great road to ride!!!! Thanks!

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