TTXgp V1.0

“The race only goes as planned for the winner, for everyone else it is either quit or back to the drawing board.” -MC


1st practice (Tuesday)

The shipping crate containing the motorcycle arrived as planned. Unfortunately we fell behind on the first practice day due to the support crate being delayed which we only received just before technical scrutineering. This practice marked only the second time the E1pc would be on track and the first time to run a full race distance- not ideal!

The overall mode at the TT was one of very piqued interest. As the eBikes left the starting gate there was plenty of comments on their noticeable lack of acceleration and sound- then our bike left, it looked significantly faster then the competition off the line and down bray hill and seemed to surprise a great number in attendance. Unfortunately only a few miles after the start we lost two engines and the bike retired.

2nd practice (Wednesday)
We replaced all three motors Tuesday evening thanks to the generosity of the Agni team and prepared the bike for qualifying. Like Tuesday we still had the bike in a very conservative state of tune. The current to the motors was limited below manufactures recommendations and the batteries were only charged to a mild state as well as fiercely protected from a state of low discharge.

We started in nearly last place, minutes behind the first bike and again Mark Miller shot down Bray Hill with class leading speed. Within the first 5 miles Mark reported he had passed every other motorcycle except for the Agni machine which left the starting gate first. Mark rode thru the Sulby straight speed trap at a conservative 92.8mph and only trailed Agni by 11 seconds at the Ramsey hairpin mile 24 (approx. ¾ race distance).

Somewhere near Cronk ny Mona (approximately 1 mile from the start/finish the voltage dropped below our LV target and the controllers faulted and stopped. After sitting for 5mins Mark flipped the switch to see if he could ride her home thus rebooting the controllers and came limping up the final hill where Mark showed great heart and commitment by helping the E1pc across the line for what had to be the ugliest but to us, the most heart felt finish in the TT.

Jurby Practice (Thursday)
I rode the closed circuit in the same low state of tune to confirm yesterday’s results which though were ugly were results none the less and gave us data to calculate and configure from. The afternoon went flawless and after a front shock and spring change, saw me lapping all the other eBikes at the test.

Race evening (Thursday night)
We estimated we needed about 30%-40% more power to finish the race at full throttle for the current limit we had set and used all week which was 70% of the E1pc full potential. We had a plan and things were looking very good for Friday- based on the calculations we were very very optimistic.

Here is the breakdown:
Fuller state of charge (to manufactures recommendations) +9% energy
Lower low voltage limit (to manufactures recommendations) +26% energy
Deployment of secret weapon (to my two sons delight) rear battery pack +15%

Totaling 50% more energy density onboard for race day

For added measure we even reduced the current by 10% to conserve the motors as we felt we had extra speed in hand.

Race day (Friday AM)
All the work was done. Like most of the other teams must have experienced too, the last 5-6 months was a living hell, 100% consumed by the motorcycle. We had jumped into very unfamiliar waters and been promised lots electrical wizardry from several “experts” but in the end received very little. Everyone who worked on the MotoCzysz project from the painters to the machinist from my father to my sons were affected, the team worked increasingly harder picking up the slack left by the “experts”. But it all was about to be justified, it was all about to righted- Nobody, I mean Nobody was going to show up on race day with 50% more ability!

Race Day (race time)

When I saw Mark Miller I told him one thing “You can go100%!” He looked at me astonished; this is not the “Rain Race” scenario I have been feeding him for the last 2 months. “Are you sure?” he asked. I answered “100%”.

Race Day (only minutes later)
I don’t even know where but we experienced another motor failer and just like that our race was over…back to the drawing board.

The MotoCzysz E1pc

I was repeatedly told the MotoCzysz E1pc surprised everyone at the TT ( now that I write this I am not sure if the motorcycle was the surprise or the poor results). It was the most integrated electric motorcycle in the paddock, with more torque and power than any other bike and the chassis was up to the challenge. It was the only motorcycle with hot swap batteries and should have been challenging for the win. However this was not a show event but a go event and simply came before we were fully ready. A few days at the IOM has identified where I need to put my efforts moving forward.

The Secret Weapon
After the embarrassing qualifying practice my two sons were very quiet and clearly worried by our results. It was at that moment that the greatest Daddy moment in my life occurred. I knelt down between them and told them don’t worry and then leaned in and whispered “I have a secret weapon”. This was immediately followed by complete confusion and puzzlement. “Secret weapon?” Max (the more reactionary one) asked with one of those scrunched up, head tilting, puppy dog faces, then complete silence. “More batteries” blurts out Enzo (the more contemplative one) followed by an even louder “More Batteries” from Max then Enzo says “More batteries, so you can go faster…longer?!” followed by Max screaming “MORE BATTERIES FASTER LONGER” shhhh shhhh I say but it is all over, they are jumping around hugging each other and me and chanting “secret weapon”…”secret weapon”…”secret weapon”.

Congratulations to Team Agni
If we learn nothing else from this event it is to follow your heart and never give up. That is what Cedric Lynch has done as he has been working on electric vehicles for over 25 years. We want to give a heart felt congratulations to the entire Agni team for their record setting inaugural TTXgp win. Every team that participated deserves recognition and should be congratulated, even the teams that made such a strong effort but for whatever reason came up short and did not make the start should even be appreciated.

Mark Miller

What a racer- Fastest American on the Isle!
Mark never saw the bike until the night before and never rode it until he took off down Bray hill, throttle WFO. You cannot imagine this if you have never lapped the IOM- insane and very trusting. He made my wife burst out in tears when she saw him pushing the MotoCzysz over the finish line. Next year Mark.

Terry Czysz
As hard working as anyone on the team my Father gives his all and his heart to these projects- this time he gave a little too much heart. Terry Czysz suffered a heart attack just after the bike was crated ready to ship to the IOM and that is why he was unable to attend the race with the team. He is doing great and will NOT miss next year’s event.

RIP rider John Crellin
I was particularly drawn to the Tork team from India as they said they learned everything about building bikes from watching me on YouTube and in the end took a brilliant third place- now I need to watch their videos!

John Crellin was team Torks rider and one of the riders I rode with at Jurby the day before the race. He was tragically lost to the mountain the following day. Rarely does one experience such high and lows as in racing. RIP John Crellin-


30 Responses to “TTXgp V1.0”

  1. Doug says:

    Congrats on the event! In a fledgling sport, everything is iffy, but the bike definitely showed amazing promise. With the way motorsport drives technology, I’m excited to see teams jumping on board with this new segment.

    The C1 was a sick bike, but I have to say the E1pc is the future. Maybe I’ll have one of its descendants in my garage some day!

  2. Rider 1 says:

    Congrats on the bike! What is next for the bike? Any other competitions coming up? Will you be showing off the bike in the US anytime soon.

  3. Gene says:

    Best wishes for a quick recovery for your father. (And happy Fathers day to both of you)

    To the whole team congradulations on taking part in an event that will probably go down in history as the start of a new wave of racing.

    Hope to see the bike at the Wayland Invitational in Portland.


  4. Brad Graham says:

    Thank you very much for the play by play run down on your experience with the TTX GP. I’m still amazed at how fast you and your team managed to put such an amazing package together and compete. I was equally amazed at the extreme lack of coverage here in North America about the first FIM sanctioned clean-emissions motorcycle race. I hope more races are planned in the near future.

    My regards to your Father, may he feel better very soon.

    It’s awful to hear about a racer killed…John Crellin will be sorely missed. The TT is an unforgiving road course,…very dangerous. RIP.

  5. Josh says:

    Just a matter of time before the kinks get worked out. Is the team planning on Ohio in a few weeks?

  6. Isaac says:

    I am very sorry to hear about your father brother. I wish him a speedy recovery. It was sad to see that the bike didn’t make it but I do not care. I am still here and will support your guys. You if you think about it, pushing the bike across the line, could be seen as your own Mount Suribachi. Thta took a lot of guts for your rider to do that. All that shows is that no matter what you will not quit.

    Keep it comming, we’re all still here for you.

    - Isaac

  7. GAMBLER says:

    Happy to hear of you involving your sons & Father in the endeavor. Sparking your boys interst & fostering a passion in them sounds like success to me.

  8. Nick P. says:


    As an entrepreneur, I totally understand the immense will required to push a new product on the market. The win from team Agni did validate your choice of their motor. Also, you took a much bigger risk by going with a totally new bike instead of a conversion.

    The E1pc is definitely the Tesla Roadster of electric bikes: gorgeous, inspiring and build with passion.

    Let us know when you start accepting deposits.

    - Nick -

  9. Isaac says:

    ^ What he said, about deposites.

  10. Markus says:

    Michael –

    Thanks for the play-by-play. As has been discussed, the total lack of coverage of this event (at least here in the US) was pretty surprising, and it made understanding what was really going on nearly impossible.

    I can’t begin to imagine the emotional roller coaster these last several months must have been for you and the team. What *IS* quite clear to those of us on the outside though, is that even with the disappointing results at TTXGP, MotoCzysz has once again done the impossible. The E1pc is “the real deal” and can, I’m certain, be a leader in this space. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — you and your team have a LOT to be proud of.

    Finally, I’m very sorry to hear of Terry’s health issues, but thrilled to hear that he’s doing well. Best wishes!


    P.S. Curious to know what’s causing the motor failures…

  11. Charles says:

    Keep up the great work! I was hoping to see you guys come out on top but at least you gave them a good show. Good luck on the next leg of the journey.

  12. Leebone says:

    MC, way to go man. Never give up. You spirit is motivating to all of us that reach for the stars. Now, get back to work on that bike!

  13. ken martens says:

    MC, hope you can get a lap in at Laguna with the Flag again, time to update my Photo.

  14. Pete OConnor says:

    The time from conception to a realized and gorgeous bike was inspiring, but shit happens and whats most important is that you were there, and you really put your heart into the project. Amazing work guys and all the best for next year.

  15. Brad Graham says:

    I know the E1 is a race inspired Digital Superbike but I was wondering if you’ve heard of the Zero Race. It’s being organized by Louis Palmer and is an around the world event. It would mean redesigning some of the E1 to perform in a “real” world environment,…something all of us who’ve commented on your Blog have been hoping for. I would love to see a street version of this motorcycle! Here’s the web site in case your interested in checking things out….
    This could get MotoCzysz and the E1 world exposure not just in racing circles. I hope the continued development of the E1 continues strong so that one day I can ride a street version to work and back, without using a drop of gas.( and look damn good doing it) That’s my dream. Thanks, Michael, for giving us all hope who share that dream.

  16. Hugo says:

    So many highs and lows in such a short period must be though…but it seems you will get your change:
    The C1 may never have raced in MotoGP…now get the E1 ready for this new series! One year seems enough to get rid of the “bugs” and optimize the batteries, etc. so create a winner because a lot of people really want you to…

  17. Brad Graham says:

    Congratulations,…..the E1 is already on track ( pardon the pun) to be the poster bike for the FIM electric grand prix race series.

  18. Isaac says:

    Hey team MotoCzysz keep up the good work. I can’t wait to see whta you have planned next!

  19. Isaac says:

    Please don’t sell your bike at Best Buy like Brammo is! Althought I hope you can come close to their price of 12K. I know that is probably wishful thinking. Realisticly, I am expecting 20-30k for your bike, should you mass produce it, and about 80-100k if built to order. Keep your head up guys and I hope to see some more blogs. Oh before I forget can you include a Hi-Res gallery on your site of the bike?

    - Isaac

  20. Hey MC,
    Best wishes for a quick recovery for your father.
    thank you for your comment on team TORK.

  21. Henrique Alves says:

    First of all, a quick recovery for your Dad.

    Most of times being on the cutting edge of something has it’s sour moments, and only a few have what it takes to go the extra mile: endurance.

    You blog showed a vison with a great deal of promise. The bike in race confirmed that. But in a “digital world” bugs always hunt us.

    I hope you have endure in you to iron out the reliability problem, and the debugging phase of the bike.

    I’m hope to see you, your team and your Dad not only finishing next race but making a loud statement: We delivered the dream we share you all of us.

    That would be a happy day to many.

  22. Ketan Mhasawade(TORK INDIA) says:

    Hi MC,
    Best wishes for a quick recovery for your father.
    Thank you for your comment on team TORK and helping us at TTXGP….
    We will be waiting for your next visit to INDIA..


  23. Isaac says:

    Yeah man like everyone else is saying I wish your father a speedy recovery. I am close with my Dad as well and cannot imagine what you are going through. You worry about your father and only hime okay. No bikes right now. We all know you will triupmh one day but family is way, way more important. We all still here for you Micheal!

    Cyzysz Sr, keep fighting sir, you raised a hell of a man.

  24. Isaac says:

    Hey buddy just checking in to see whats up. Hope you Dad is getting better! I hope to visit your factory in Portland soon. If you will allow visitors. Maybe next year for my birthday in January.

    Get well Czysz Sr.

  25. Keep up the good work, it will pay off soon.

    Get well Czysz Sr

  26. Ron Wheeler says:

    First of all, my wishes for a speedy recovery for Terry ! I worked for him briefly at Selby in Ashland decades ago.

    I was astonished when I first saw the program on HDnet. That name……I knew it had to be close to Terry !

    Congratulations on your sucesses…..present and future.

  27. desmo.lover says:

    I’ve been following the Motoczysz saga since i first saw them at Sears Point raceway many many moons ago with an easy-up” tent and a dry erase board that said simply “hey come back at noon and i’ll start her up..” I will always be a fan… i’m sorry this year didn’t go as planned but am proud to see “made in america” on the new electric motorcycle. You guys took the road less traveled and chose new technology, not resting on the laurels of existing technology, which is brave and for that, i salute you….


  28. Ray Adams says:

    Tesla vs ep1c which one do I want more? Make it street legal and your bike wins, hands down!

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