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MotoCzysz’s best test yet…

Wednesday, October 24th, 2007

Testing the MotoCzysz C1 

MotoCzysz recently returned from their best test to date where they tested the latest spec of the 990 race engine along with the first tests of the first “street” engine spec.  Both bikes performed nearly flawless with all oil and water temps in complete control.  “We signed off on a long list of small problems that have been hampering some of our development,” said Michael Czysz.  He added that “there really is only one more area we need to develop and then we will be ready to push 100%.  Even now the stability around the sweepers and drive off of the corners is awesome!” 

Updates tested include: 

  • New firing order and cam timing
  • New dry sump oil separator and engine venting 
  • New shift lever and linkage
  • New radiators with additional instrumentation 
  • New water to oil cooler
  • New exhaust pipes (sorry to say – even louder) 
  • New bodywork and mounts
  • New rear springs
  • New fuel injectors and location
  • New fuel pressure regulator and strategy 
  • New air/fuel and ignition mapping 

All of this had to be tested and evaluated in only two and a half days.

MotoCzysz C1 Rear Suspension

So, if you  ever see MotoCzysz at your local track and wonder why the bike often goes out for only two laps then sits for several minutes only to return for another short stint, we are most likely trying to get through another long matrix of tests.  As you can imagine, sometimes testing an item can result in inferior performance which is why this type of testing is rarely ever done in public. 

Testing the MotoCzysz C1

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